She has created some captivating designs. The dresses are trendy and attractive. Her mini “V” gown (which is truly a long top you would use with pants) fits right in with other designers looks in that the intense paisley and the cut of the piece has a quasi – peasant appearance. Her black chiffon top is similar in feel to that introduced by the well-known Dries Van Noten at Paris Fashion week but she can have the complete satisfaction of knowing that her blouse struck the market first. Her steel colored tunic would look specifically great with the big necklaces that remain in this year as the sleekness of the tunic would keep the lockets from making the petite female from looking any shorter.

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The entire cost of this ensemble? I paid $12 for the jeans, and $10 for the boots, the sweatshirt, coat, hat, oh and my new, deep pink, knit glove were complimentary. If I ‘d had to pay for the coat, hat, sweater and gloves, they would have cost a mere $36.00 overall. So, $50 dollars for the total attire. None too bad, huh? Of course, I am not counting my underwears. A new Victoria’s Secret bra that I paid $8.50, and adorable, new Vacation boy short panties, 3 for $6.00. WalMart does have it’s location.